I am a true believer in the fight for gender equality, but what I am not for is the way that this right is abused at times. I have seen some women who have used this right for equality only to twist it so that it matches their needs.

For example, women and men have been granted equal right to entry into our local universities. This is great. In essence, it means that a woman with high scores on her secondary school exams can enter Medical School just like her male peers. So, again in spirit this law grants her the right to study hard, become a successful Doctor, and be an asset to her society.

I love this idea, but what I disapprove of is the way some women compete with men for the limited seats in Medical School. They study with men and yet don’t pursue a career in Medicine. They study, and then they decide to get married and sit at home. I am all for marriage, but then again, why go through all the trouble of studying if this is your end goal. These women don’t even consider the option of having both a career and a family which in my opinion is wrong. It is wrong because, they have taken the seat of a male colleague that may have actually become a practicing Physician.

This is also the case with some women who study engineering. They want to become engineers, but they think that because they are women, they shouldn’t go to the construction site or deal with the construction men there. If a woman has this firm belief then why did she pick to pursue a carrier in a field that would require her to do that? There are many options available for her; she could have easily picked something else.

Working hours is another issue where Gender Schizophrenia is practiced. You often hear women saying, “Women shouldn’t stay late at work”. If this argument was stated a bit more diplomatically to sound something like” no one should work more than a given number of hours a day because this is the accepted energy level or capacity of human beings regardless if they are men or women” I am all for it, but the simple response for the first reasoning would be choose a different career.

All I am saying is that if we are given equal rights, we should take the responsibility that comes with it. Men are also at fault here, they make life hard at times for women to practice their equal rights.

Men want to marry educated women yet sometimes some of them demand that these educated women don’t work. They believe that it is the woman’s job is to raise the children. If these men want to believe that then why demand a woman who has a degree. Some men want the woman to work, yet they still believe she should raise the children alone. This is physically impossible due to the simple fact that there are only 24 hours in a day, and it is these men that force women to get an education yet not work.

A severe case of Gender Schizophrenia is seen when it comes to cash flow control in the household. Some women want to work, but they believe that their money is for them, and that it is the man’s job to provide for everything, including their personal expenses. Now, it is these women that make men look for wives who don’t want to work. After all, from man’s point of view, he is providing everything and the woman is just neglecting her role as a mother and a wife. But, if she is providing for the home with him, then she is also contributing to the quality of life enjoyed by the family. She is probable paying for some of the household expenses and pursuing her career, so this makes the man not have any right to question her desire to work.

Whether we like to or not, money is power and women who insist on not contributing to the house even if they work are putting them selves in a position of weakness, one in which men have the right to force them not to work. As a woman, I think that if I am working then I should contribute in the house, make decisions regarding cash flow, and I don’t think any woman should ignore that right.

Last but not least, it saddens me to think that some young very intelligent girls claim that they are just working until they get married. Why waste the management’s time, your time, and the time of the organization. If this is your plan, just sit at home and wait for your knight in shining amour to come for you. Wait for him to control your every decision, but then don’t complain that women and men are not equal. With you not working, you can not complain about anything he gets for the house. You can not ask him even to buy you anything, because he has the whole budget in his control. A simple choice like going to the hairdresser is to be made only when he hands you the cash to do that. Think women.

If these women claim they are doing it for the kids, then again there are millions of ways for a woman to work and have kids. She can work part time, she can stop for a temporary time until her kids go to school. After all, motherhood is very noble, but it is not the only thing a woman is capable of.

Equality comes with responsibility, and it is these women, and the behaviors described above that make this fight a loss, and more importantly it is silly things these women say like “He should get me this or that” that make a man look for a girl who wants to be at home, and with no opinion.

I am not speaking against men here, in fact I understand where they are coming from.(I7na marrat ibnistahal) :), and I am not speaking against all women, only the ones who act as described above.


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