The cool and trendy women of Jordan are too beautiful look at. They are tall skinny and stylish. Always dressed from head to toe in the latest fashion trends, they really give beauty and glamour a new meaning. They belong to a class us normal people can’t understand. They are the ladies who wear high heals by the pool, and for a more casual look, they opt for the diamond studded flip-flops. They send their kids to play in a far corner, one in which they can not see them, hear them, or be mothers to them. In the mean time, they spend hours in the direct sun light trying within all their capacities to get that natural sun kissed glow. They take out their cell phones, these are the phones with all the latest but unused applications. They call their team of cooks to make plans for their son or daughter’s birthday party. This is a party they don’t plan to be at, simply because they need to get their nails done before the cocktail party they are invited to later that evening. The toll the sun may have on their skin isn’t a big deal simply because to them plastic surgery can work wonders and money is no object. With this satisfying sentiment, they continue to fry themselves in the sun’s burning rays .If their child comes to them they play the role of mother of the year, by calling Maria, Semantica, Anula, or whichever woman they hire with a foreign name in anger and resentment. This hired woman comes to them, and they express to her their disgust at the fact that she had let their kids ruin their moment.

These are the same people who refer to the Arabic language as being hard to understand, not attractive, or even rigid on the ears. Of course they would consider it to be so, when they insist on pointlessly sticking English words in their conversations. .They stick these words with a distinctive accent one in which they have mixed the p with the b and the buts with the ya3nis. When speaking in Arabic many of these beautiful women claim that they don’t know how to express their feelings in Arabic. They would say “Ana ma ba3raf a3bitr mnee7 bil 3arabi” , a statment us normal people would find funny, especially coming from women who have been in Arabic schools all their lives. They say this in a feminine voice, one we normal people can’t even imitate. They sound so adorable when they can not even pronounce the word English properly or broperly as they would say it. They speak bil English as they call their maid and they ask her to dress their son “Labseeli moodi, who is in reality named Mohammad after his granddad, shoozo!” They would say shoozo, simply because the word “kundarto” is more than they can handle. After all, the word has more than one syllable and guess what, many of these horrible syllables are consonants. These women have worries, but their worries are different to ours.

These are the women bringing up Moodi, Soozi, Lucy, or Didi, all of whom in reality have normal Arabic names like mine and yours but who need to fit into a school that is filled with kids starting to bleach their hair at the age of ten. These are the women who are supposed to bring up the men and women making up a good portion of our future generations!. They are the same ladies who teach their daughters that money is all what counts, and that the brain should be utilized only for finding the perfect man, the man is only perfect if he could provide her with the same kind of money daddy is providing mommy with They are the women who teach Tooti or Moodi that any girl they are to bring home should be just as pretty as mommy, and just as smart. Having given you this description above you tell me how smart that girl should be, and what values she should have. If she is like mommy then Tooti or Moodi is some lucky guy coz he will live his life similar to the one he was taught was normal. In closing, you might be wondering why I am saying this, I’ts simple , I am just looking at a world different to yours, mine, or that of normal thinking people.


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