I have always enjoyed going to the movies alone, and I don’t feel sorry for myself doing so. Sure, I would much prefer to go with a friend or any other movie enthusiast, but if no one wants to see the movie I want to see, I can still find a pleasure in going by myself. I figure that even if we do go with our friends to the cinema, we would just say a few words to each other before the movie and a few words after. During the movie itself, we would only be interacting with the bucket of popcorn and super sized coke we bought, so we can just skip the interaction if we don’t find it.
On another level, going to the movies alone really allows you to look around you and to really enjoy seeing the types of movie goers sharing the cinema space with you. This has been one  secret source of entertainment  for me for  the past few years, and with time I even learned to spot a few trends.
For example, at any given movie you are bound to see “the hungry people”. These are usually the guys or the girls who want to ensure that they are chewing or sipping on something throughout every single scene at the movie. They would walk into the movie theater with a bucket of popcorn in one hand, Nachos in the other and a full stash of snacks in their purse or backpack. They even have this serious look on their faces as if they are on a mission. They start eating the minute they walk in and they only finish eating at the end credits of the movie. Then, you would also meet the love birds, i.e. the guy and girl who are obviously on a date. These people usually choose a spot in a corner at the theater. They have one bucket of popcorn between them and they would hardly watch the movie because they are busy whispering things to each other from start to en. If the lights above them go on in the middle of the movie, you would know that they were doing a little more than just whispering.
My personal favorite group of people, are “the explainers”. These are the people who have to give a verbal commentary on everything that they see on the screen. A guy gets shot in the movie and “The explainer” would instantly tell the person next to him/her “Look the guy got shot”. Similarly, if two people get married in the movie , “The explainer” would say “Look they got married”, as if the other people in the theater can’t see that for themselves.
Like the explainer, there is also the person who needs an exploitation for everything that appears on the screen. Now this movie goer is a very interesting character too because he/she really believes that the person in the next seat knows more. A guy on the screen will be unlocking a door, and this person would ask “What will he find inside?’ as if we all know more than him/her. He/she would also ask “Why did he say that?” or “Why did she dump him”, or “What will happen next”, to people who like him/her are seeing the movie the first time.
If these people can’t make you smile to yourself, then you are also bound to find charm in “the oblivious” group of cinema fans. These are people who go to the movie with the profound belief that their mobiles are invisible. They would put their mobile phones on silent mode, but yet they would send sms’s throughout the movie to their friends and family. They would assume that the flashing screen is invisible to the person next to them. There phone might even ring in silent mode, and they would leave the screen to blink with a bright white light. They are not answering because they are watching a movie, but they are leaving everyone else to watch their phone instead.
It is because of these people that you would look around you in the darkness of the cinema hall, and yet you would notice blinking mobile phones everywhere.
Amongst the oblivious people there is a sub-group of people who take total oblivion to a whole new level at the movies. They don’t only believe that their phone is invisible, but they also think that they themselves are invisible too. They would pick up their mobile handset at while the movie is playing and they would have a full conversation, while assuming that no one can hear them. Because the movie is loud , their voices become even louder. I remember one guy shouting into his phone “HELLO I AM AT THE MOVIE, YES THE MOVIES. I AM WATCHING LESS MISROBOLS”, I tell you this is a true story this guy was shouting at the top of his lungs behind me and he couldn’t manage to get the movie’s name right . In case you were wondering, he was watching “Les Misérables” the musical. Other people call their families to ask them what they are doing in the middle of the movie. One guy even called his mom in front of me in the middle of the movie to ask her if she went to a funeral, because you know this is something he really absolutely had to know at that point in time. On that particular day, I couldn’t help but wonder why he was at the movies himself, if he was so worried about his mom’s social duties. Part of me wanted to even ask him why his mother didn’t go. After all, he left me hanging in the middle of an intriguing story. If he was going to start a story he really had to finish it right?
And, finally you are bound to see one or two people who say something funny and memorable. Like the two guys I saw once from the Gulf, who wanted to mark their calendars for the movie titled “Coming Soon”. I guess that they didn’t realize that during the previews all movies say “Coming Soon”, and that “Coming Soon” isn’t a name of a movie, or was it that they thought that all the movies in the previews were titled “Coming Soon” I am not sure.
I am not being mean, nor am I actively looking at people around me, but these people really stand out at any movie. You can just say that I am a girl who knows how to keep herself entertained even when she is on her own.
That is why; I really don’t mind allowing myself to sink into a seat at the cinema with nothing more than a bucket of salted popcorn. If you don’t want to be spotted then don’t make me go alone. It’s that simple.


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