To me, valentine’s day is just an evil holiday.
It simply makes single people judge themselves too harshly while couples spend unwisely. If you are a single person nodding your head to this and thinking yes, I am telling you to stop right now. Don’t go there, just remember that you were single on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of February and you are probably single on this day too the 15th. I am even going to go on a limb and guess that you will also be single on the 16th, 17th, or 18th as well. Unless of course, some romantic miracle happens.

But, in the real world where miracles don’t usually happen, there is no reason for a single person to expect a sudden change in his/her relationship status on valentine’s day just like he/she wasn’t expecting one on any other day of the year. So, why is it that people get depressed on this day? I have seen it all yesterday, girls who knew very well that they are single got depressed on Valentine’s, and especially when the day ended without anyone noticing them .

Could their sudden hatred of their single status be a direct result of the big white teddy bear their colleague got delivered to her office, or the roses they saw delivered to the person in the next room? Or could it be the plans they overheard other people making while their only plan was to go? . Valentine’s day just makes a single person realize they are all alone, when it shouldn’t because the all alone outcome was no surprise at all.

So yes this day was evil, because if any of these things happened on any other day of the year no single girl would feel anything. But, I guess when all gestures are magnified and amplified on one day of the year, feelings tend to be amplified too.

But, let us cross over to the couple side for a minute. Is Valentine’s day a great day for them? I often wonder how I would feel about a gift given to me by someone who just happened to remember it was February the 14th and I say with conviction that any gift delivered to me on any other day would mean so much more. After all, it would be something given to me personally for no reason and not just in celebration of some holiday. Even an sms sent to me on any other day would mean more than a silly sms sent on V-day because on V-day I guess any romantic sms would be sent to me and many other girls too. So, to all those getting flowers and teddy bears and candy enjoy them . They came from a loved one for sure, but someone who knows it is February the 14th and more importantly someone who knows that his girl will make his life hell if he forgot to get her something. for guys, go ahead and over spend, because the roses cost four times more on this day.

There is no element of suspense in Valentine’s day because the world is split into three categories, people who know they are not getting anything and instead decide to feel sorry for themselves and people who are waiting to get something and would feel terrible about themselves if they didn’t get it, and the poor guys overspending to make some declaration of love they can make on any other day.

As for me, a girl who had never ever had reason to celebrate Valentine’s day, and in fact has a splendid history of once even ending something on the blessed holiday , I spent my evening at PC Zone getting my laptop fixed, so not exactly the candle lit dinner. Then, after the grand romantic festivity, I went home and in fact I was delighted to find one of my favorite movies Jerry Maguire on TV so I watched it for the 1 millionth time.

However, I do have a confession to make. I did enjoy watching people feeling happy to receive gifts. I did feel sorry for the girls who felt bad for not getting anything, and since I never had reason to celebrate V-day in my life, I wouldn’t know how it feels . But, I do know this. I do know for sure that I wouldn’t want anyone to get me anything ever because of some hallmark generated holiday. Again, I believe in being a 1 in a million not 1 of many, and a V-day celebration automatically puts us in the 1 of many categories.

So to all those alone , remember you are 1 in a million so seek always to be a 1 in a million and as always Damn Valentine’s day for its powers to make perfectly wonderful ladies feel bad and perfectly great guys broke.


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