Amal stood in silence as she watched Munthir sitting in his office with a young lady. The two were laughing loudly, then in the middle of his laughter Munthir paused only to notice Amal standing pale in the doorway. “Amal?” he asked “Are you ok? You called but then you said nothing? is everything ok?” “, he said as he started walking towards her. The truth was that Amal was not sure what to answer him. Something told her that the young girl in his office was not a colleague. They were obviously not laughing about a business brief, and as much as she wanted to believe that Munthir was innocent, she couldn’t.
She glanced at the girl just long enough to see that she was dressed in tight jeans , a sleeveless shirt that was revealing a bra under it, and high heels. The girl had green eye-shadow matching the color of her shirt and her beautiful eyes. Suddenly, Amal was self-conscious about her own image. She then looked at Munthir’s desk and saw two coffees and a small box of donuts sitting there. “This couldn’t possibly be a business meeting” she said to herself.


Interrupting  her thoughts, Munthir said, “Amal , please say something” , but after another long pause she only said “I met your mom, she told me about Jana. Is this her? She is truly beautiful” . “You met my mom?” Munthir asked, “Yes, she insisted I meet her?” Amal replied. Just then the young lady got up from her chair and walked over to the door and asked “Moodi, is everything ok?”, she then looked at Amal , and pulled out her hand as she said “I’m Jana”. With these words, Amal felt the tears welling up in her eyes, she looked at Munthir in pain and said, “I have to go”. As she left. Munthir ran down the stair after her shouting “Amal, Amal it isn’t what you think. She was in the area and had 15 minutes left for her dentist appointment, so she stopped by.” Amal kept walking, she didn’t want to show him how hurt she was.
Amal……….Amal” Munthir shouted , but it was too late. Amal got into her car and drove away. As she drove further and further away from Munthir’s office she felt rage erupting inside her. She wasn’t only angry at Munthir, but she was also angry at herself for allowing him to enter her life. More importantly, she disappointed in herself for allowing him to affect her so deeply. She was furious with herself for allowing him to enter her heart, and for trusting him so much. She knew she did the right thing by walking away, but yet she still didn’t feel great about it. She felt she couldn’t drive anymore, so she parked her car to the side of the road, and she put her head on the steering and she started to cry. Within the fog of her tears, she felt she couldn’t allow herself to act so impulsively. She felt she really needed to gain control of herself, so she picked up her smart phone and blocked him from Whatsapp, Facebook, and her contact list.


In the meantime, Munthir stood in the street in front of his office. He tried to call her , but he kept getting a busy signal. He tried to message her on Whatsapp but she was gone. In his loss he turned to go back to his office, only to find Jana in the doorway. At tat moment, Jana walked to him, leaned closer to his ear and asked “Is there a problem?” , he replied “It’s personal Jana , I think you should go”. “I will” she said, but then she leaned even closer to him and whispered, “If that girl was your girlfriend, then you shouldn’t have invited me to wait for my dentist appointment in your office, but you know, I am still going to our group outing with Sadeq and Haneen. It’s in a few days, as you were told. By that time, you really need to figure yourself out and decide if you are joining us or not. And, Moodi if that girl doesn’t accept your string of apologies, which I know you will be showering her with. I’m still available…If you will have me.” With these words she walked away, leaving the whiff of her perfume in his memory.
As he heard her heels echo in the distance, Munthir remembered the outing he agreed to go to with Sadeq and Haneen. He forgot the whiff of

perfume and instead remembered that he felt betrayed by his mother. He was also annoyed at Amal, as was not given a chance to explain himself to her . After all, he was sitting innocently in his office and Jana had just showed up at his doorstep. He wanted to tell Amal badly that throughout Jana’s silly giggles and mindless chatter, he realized that the girl was beautiful but that meant nothing to him. He wanted her to know badly that throughout Jana’s silly conversation, all he could think about were the intelligent remarks that Amal made to him. All he could remember was Amal’s dry sense of humor , which he could not help but laugh at even when she was making fun of him.
At that moment he felt his mobile vibrate in his hand, he looked at the screen hoping it was her, but instead he saw Haneen’s name flash before the screen. He answered , but before he could say anything Haneen shouted “How could you do this to poor Jana. How can you not reassure her when she asked you if the girl who came to your office was not your girlfriend. Don’t tell me its Amal? After all, she fits Jana’s description of ugly, dark, and shabbily dressed.” He replied “Haneen, what if she is my girlfriend?” Munthir replied, while trying to conceal the pain from his voice “What if you, Sadeq, and everyone I know including my own mom just ruined any chance I have for that girl to trust me. “. “She is not for you.” Haneen said, ” Sweetie, she acts too open mindedly for our culture.” “Excuse me?” Munthir shouted, “Amal is too open minded ? Amal ? Did you know that your innocent Jana was flirting with me all morning, and making moves. Did you know she even said she felt too hot in my office and removed her jacket, only to reveal a slave less , see-though shirt? Did you know, that she even told me to take her out dancing. Did you? I guess not, so don’t ever say anything about Amal’s manners because she did none of these things ever with me! Excuse me, I have to go find her”, and with these words Munthir hung-up and drove drove towards Amal’s house.


He rang the doorbell, but there was no reply. He then went to the garage and saw that her car was there. He then ran up the stairs to her apartment and rang her bell again. When there was no reply, he pounded on the door, but still there was no reply. He pounded harder, and harder until the door eventually opened. He looked up, and saw a strange woman at the door. “Hello, is Amal here?” he said almost out of breath. The woman replied “Are you Munthir? ” “Yes, please let me talk to her” he said, “I’m her friend Suzan, I came by because I was worried about her. She is not doing too well. I think you know why” said the woman. “It’s not what she thought!” he said, “Please give me a few minutes to explain.” “Look Munthir, I am sure you are a nice guy, but think about it. Your mom insulted her. Then, the girl comes to your office and sees another girl there. Not any girl but the girl your mom told her you were dating. Of course she wouldn’t want to talk to you. Look, “said the woman.”Please just tell her I’m here” he pleaded “Look, I can tell you are two very nice people and there is some misunderstanding somewhere. My advice is leave it today, and come back in a few days. Don’t talk about things when you are both angry.” said the woman. Munthir replied “Ok Suzan, but please tell her the girl came unannounced. I knew nothing about my mom’s invitation to her. And hell no she is not a girl I’m dating. Please. I will come back in a few days.” “Ok” Susan    replied.

Munthir then drove home, and when he arrived he flung the door open and went looking for his mom. At that point, his mom was peacefully cooking in the kitchen, and was even startled by his sudden entrance.
“Why did you tell Amal to visit you” he shouted
“She needs to know her place, and I told her not to tell you. She will pay for that” his mom replied coldly.
“Mom, I’m not marrying Jana” he said
“Oh, and you are really not marrying Amal” his mom shouted
“Who I marry is not your business, you are not allowed to interfere in my life. This stops now!” he shouted
his mother started to cry, as she said “Oh my heart feels tired”
“Don’t blackmail me mom” he said, as he walked out of the house.

Back out on the street, Munthir didn’t know where to go, so he picked up his phone and called his friend Amr, and the two men met for coffee.
Meanwhile Jana, called her friend Sarah and told her about the events of the day. She made the phone call short, as she needed to get ready for another date with another potential groom.

confusion5Part 9 will be posted next Friday


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