Yes ! This year, I decided to list some New Year resolutions. But, I have to point out that my resolutions are not meant to prove any higher purpose or epiphany of any sort. Guess what, I have no interest in proving anything to anyone. Instead, they are a mental note I am making to myself . They are my way of listing the areas in my life that could use some improvement. If you read my birthday blog post, you would know that 2014 was not exactly the perfect year. Far from it. This fact confirmed itself once again to me when I tried one of those silly Facebook apps that list your year’s achievements. If the app was not designed to be politically correct , it might have said “Dana, get a life!” You see, it hit me that there was nothing spectacular to list, except maybe my brave career change, which happened in June. Even that is not a  big deal really, coz I know , without being arrogant, that I am good at what I do. Anyway, I know 2015 can’t be worse than 2014, and I’m not challenging God to prove me wrong. So, in order for me to come up with a more cheerful verdict at the end of 2015, I am listing these resolutions.

1: Lose weight, don’t laugh, yes this year I will lose weight.

2: Blog more, I just believe I’m not bad at writing so why don’t I become great at it and blog more. The target is one blog a week “At least”.


3: Become a certified social media expert.  You see, I took the course. Now, I need to remember how people actually study and take exams. The last time I studied for anything was when I had my MBA comprehensive exam in 2006. So, really I forgot how to sit down and cram. Since my exam is on January 17th and I had paid the fat fees for it, I’m thinking the urgency of the matter should hit me soon, preferably some time before the night of January 16th.



4: Go back to walking at least four times a week, I just won’t be lazy anymore. I have been using the cold mornings as a convenient excuse.


5: Get my DTM in Toastmasters (Distinguished Toastmaster Certificate), I have been putting that off for three years and the matter is getting pathetic.



6: Spend more time with family, that’s never a bad idea. I have been too busy,

7: Tone down the temper, but you see this is a two way thing. I guess, I also need to avoid people who piss me off for that to happen.


8: Refrain from the need to pretend I like people I don’t. I just think we waste too much time in our lives on people who add no value to us. If it isn’t a mutually beneficial relationship no need for it. That is a new thought I’m developing.


9:Let go of toxic people from the past. I just think that  sometimes we need to make the choice to stop carrying unwanted baggage in our heart, our life, and on our precious time. I am unloading that emotional baggage as of now.



10: To stop getting  angry over things that are beyond my control, I think this one is easy to understand.


11: To be a nice and respectable person most of the time. I guess, there is no need for the attitude except in extreme cases, like the situation I was in today when I was buying a falafel sandwich and the guy behind the counter treated me like I was invisible and he took the order of some friend of his before mine, ya I gave him attitude. But, in other cases I can tone down the verbal diarrhea.


12: Be open to new friends, I love my current friends but why not expand the circle. This involves going out more, mingling, seeing new people, and opening up new conversations. Why not ?  2014 has left me kind of anti social.


13: Complete this reading challenge http://www.popsugar.com/love/Reading-Challenge-2015-36071458


 14: For God Sake, finish the damn book I’m translating

Finish Line

15: And the most important one is, to believe with all my heart that 2015 will be a good year. It better be!


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