First and foremost, I want to start by saying I feel sorry for the flirts of Amman, if you are wondering who I’m talking about, they are easy to spot. They are the women who will do anything in their power to get a man. Now, really this is not their fault. It is the fault of a society that had taught them from an early age that their sole purpose in life is to find a man, any man. It doesn’t matter when, where, why, or how. It doesn’t even matter if they have anything in common with him. Of course, it doesn’t matter if they love him or not. Love has nothing to do with the ability to bring home to the family a man.

This man’s only requirement is to be wealthy, available, and ready to commit. He doesn’t even need to be singly. He can be married, and ready to leave his wife for her. Better yet, married and ready to take on a second wife. He could be engaged and ready to be stolen from his poor wife to be, or even a man in a relationship with a another woman and ready to cheat. I’m not kidding, the ring, the commitment, or anything else has no value to the flirt. She will steal him, bring him home, and act as if she did nothing wrong. Bur, again it isn’t her fault. It is the fault of a society that makes these girls believe that they are worthless if they don’t bring home the man.



So to reach her goal, the flirt will go to any event, taking with her, no brain, good looks, and a keen pair of eyes. Like a huntress, she will find her pray and she will study him well. She will see his likes and dislikes before making a move. If he is religious she will become religious, and if her is open minded, she will be open minded too. She will completely forget her own personality, just to turn into anything her target wants her to be.

To win the man, she  puts on her charming act. She acts all sweet and innocent like she doesn’t have a clue in the world. If her project, coz sorry men that is all what the guy is to this girl, says he likes strawberry cake she tells him how she too likes strawberry cake too. Not only that, but she will also make sure to add that she makes the best home made  strawberry cake ever.

To confirm it, she arrives to his place of work or an event or any other meeting making sure to bring him one piece of cake just for him. Then, she appeals to his manly need to protect women, so she tells him she can’t go home alone at night. She tells him that she usually  doesn’t talk to men but that he is like no other and that she trusts him and only him. She then puts on an adorable  innocence  to hide her project husband initiative. She acts clueless when she is more aware than anyone in the room.

The project husband victim feels special at the time. Little does he know that he was just the product of being at the right place at the right time. She sends him cute messages and she chats with him at strange hours to appeal  to his need to be charmed. She sends him underlying  messages in her words and stories, informing him how she is the best candidate for wife. She tells him how she cooks well, dresses well, and she keeps the house clean. She doesn’t say any of these things directly but somehow they manage to slip into the conversation. She makes sure through the stories she shares that he knows she is a great companion. If he likes to read she makes sure to tell him about a book she is reading. If he likes movies she suggests they see a movie together  while adding that he is special and that she doesn’t  see movies alone with guys coz according to her, one never knows what may happen in the cinema and she is a good girl. This sentence will get his imagination  going without being too seductive but just seductive enough. He will for sure start imagining.

She appeals to his need to feel part of a family so she makes sure to tell him and show him that she comes from a loving family. This could mean inviting him to her home, taking out the family album which is conveniently with her, or making him best friends with her cousin. She does whatever she needs to do. She does this while acting innocent and childish when she is nothing more than a manipulative beast who learned early in her life how to fool men.





She keeps playing her little games until the man falls for her or until she finds a better candidate , whatever comes first. Poor men they are reduced to projects . Now her project never finds out a  second before the  wedding that that is all what he was. After the wedding, the parents are happy and she had fulfilled her purpose, so The flirt doesn’t need to pretend anymore. The poor man, doesn’t know this so he is shocked to pieces when her charm becomes a loud voice. Her culinary skills are reduced to microwave meals, and when the good girl image fades behind arguments about his mother in law and how she is so important.

Once again, I stress that it is not the flirt’s fault she is so fake.  It is the fault of a society  that puts little value on people as individuals. The flirts behave like this because  they come from a community  that makes them of no value if they are on their own. They are brought up to believe that they are only worth it, if they are with someone anyone.

How do men react to all this? Well they are flattered . They sit together and compare notes . Getting hit on by flirts becomes to them like a sport, kind of like collecting stamps. They believe they are studs  so they talk about the women who hit on them like achievements. The guy would be so proud of himself as if he had just found the cure for cancer as he says to his friends”Did you see how this girl was trying so hard to win me”.  He would say while his friends  talk of similar conquests and the less popular ones envy the studs for their magnetism, when they are only approached by beasts and you know what else.

So, no matter how cheap these girls are , the men are shallow because they fall for it. Any girl who doesn’t do this whole theatrical act, is reserved for the friend zone. She becomes the girl, the men go to to ask for romantic advice. Or, maybe advice in general. The men wouldn’t even look at her, coz she didn’t even fake an aspect about herself. She would disagree with them. Laugh when they say something silly, and she would not treat them like gods, so she is the friend zone material. The flirt , on the other hand, is wife material even if she is fake, silly, and lacking in substance. Sadly  brains, a personality, and a sense of humor mean nothing in a jungle of flirts.  So for the more brainy women I say forget your brains and your dignity they mean nothing. But  The real question is who would  stoop this low except the desperate girl who has nothing more than a bag lies to offer?  I resat my case!





In closing dear reader I assure you that I don’t plan to send any  apologies  for this note because it is the cold hard truth. I will not respond to anyone asking me if this note is about them. If you feel the need to ask this question, do check your actions.

Let’s end 2014 with a shred of honesty and let us say what no one has the guts to say . We are a society of Shallow men who are manipulated by flirting women who know this too well.

Happy New Year.

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