On the last day of 2014, I learned that a group of people ,  I thought were OK , actually dislike me with a passion. Granted they were not my best friends but I was neutral towards them Now I won’t lie to you and say that  the news meant nothing to me, because it did!  You see it is in our human impulse  to prefer  to be liked as opposed to hated, so saying you could not care less if someone dislikes you is an embellished   attempt to appear  overconfident. So, not only was I shocked at the news, I was angry.since I felt I had done nothing  to merit hatred But, later when I calmed down, I realized something important. I realized that the world has over 7 billion individuals so what is a small group of people not liking me, in comparison to  the entire world population? I also realized that this group of people  don’t define  me in any way, shape, or form. In no way are they a reflection of me as a person. They are merely a small group of people  in a big big world who have obviously  seen me shape such a large impact on their lives to the point where they are not neutral  towards me but that they actually  dislike me. 

  I then got to thinking why would someone dislike you.  Then I realized that you are  disliked for only om of two reasons. Either you did something  awful  or you are a reminder of your haters’ own shortcomings. You may reflect  an ability to do something they couldn’t do, or maybe you are a reminder of a success  they can never achieve. People  would only talk about you to the point of hatred if you are important  to them. 


Since looks are relative and people’s opinion of beauty vary, let us use brains as an example.  Your brains may be enough of a reason for someone to hate you or maybe your ability to not be lacking in morals could be a reason. If the group is pathetic it could be your looks too. So, I decided following this note to let the haters be. After all let’s see this from a PR perspective, hatred is also an impact and any impact means you matter.


So, I am flattered that I created enough on an impact on a group of people to the point of hating me and judging my friends!  Me hating them will make me just as silly and pathetic. After all,  and in the larger scheme  of things in my population of friends and acquaintances a larger portion of people like me than those that hate me! So to my haters I say thanks for caring so much about me to the point of  forming such a defined and powerful opinion of me and I also thank you for doing everything in your power to make your point clear. I thank you for trying to male me feel bad about myself and I stress on the word trying. 

You may wonder why I took the time to write this. Well, this is a note to all haters around the world and a reminder to anyone stressing about people hating him or her. I say to you don’t stress you are just too important  to those people. You are in their thoughts to the point where they feel they need to hate you. Thanks haters for making me feel special  . And because  haters tend to care about what you do and what you say more than your friends,  I’m  sure my haters are reading this

So to them I say  read below!


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