My modest theory is that the people’s love for the rain is directly related to their thirst for romance. Let’s blame the silver screen for that. Movies over the years have managed to create this unquestionable romantic appeal for the rain. The sky’s showers on the big screen are often synonymous with the man standing at the girl’s doorstep waiting to profess his undying love for her. It is in such scenes that he says he wants to commit after years of squabbles between the turbulent couple regarding his commitment issues. It is in the rain that he bends down on one knee, with the drizzle dripping from his annoyingly sexy hair. With tears in his eyes and a diamond ring in his hand, he says marry me and she says yes as she runs to hug him flapping her soaking wet yet shiny hair, crying with joy through her un-tarnished mascara, hooray for waterproof mascara.


If the rain scene in the movie did not involve a man miraculously resolving all his commitment issues at some hopeful girl’s doorstep, it will probably involve two people walking hand in hand as the rain pours above them. Snuggled in a shared umbrella, they will whisper sweet words in each other’s ears. Other scenes involve the pitter pattering of rain outside a beautifully framed window, as a couple sit by the fireplace staring into each other’s eyes. They get closer and closer as the steam comes out of their beautifully decorated mugs of hot chocolate. The golden glow of the fire lights their faces and the room they are in, and right before they kiss the screen fades out. Let’s not forget the man and woman stranded in a cottage far away by the sea, the mountains, or in any location where they can’t escape. Shortly after realizing that they are stuck together, there is a power cut, leaving them with nothing better to do than to talk to each other, fall in love, and experience a night of romance by candle light.


Now who wouldn’t love the rain if it involves such scenarios? According to the silver screen, it is the catalyst forcing all relationship to move forward, but I wonder how romantic these same scenes would be in real life. Let’s face it, if you are stranded with someone in the middle of nowhere and there is a power cut, you will get closer to them yes, but not because it’s romantic instead it would be because both of you are freezing to death. Then, if the plumbing is bad, the roof will start leaking over your head, and if the rain is followed by snow, the water would freeze in the pipes. So, you two would be stuck together, freezing cold, and not smelling so great. I wonder how romantic you could be in such a situation.


Back on the street let’s say the girl is with a perfect gentleman and he decides that he wants to share his umbrella with her, will the scene include the considerate cab driver who drives in full speed over a puddle only to splash the girl and the guy? Or, will it involve the puddle the girl stepped into which made her jeans all dirty? Will the scene involve the guy who had to do a balancing act as he slid to catch the girl who fell because she insisted on wearing high heels in the rain? I guess movies will conveniently cut out those details, not to mention the details involving the howling wind, the hair blowing all over the place, and the conversation that involved the words “Stop hogging the umbrella!, you don’t have a problem with your hair, I did mine yesterday”


And, let’s not get started on the scene with the guy miraculously resolving his commitment issues. Any girl above the age of 25 would have been on this earth long enough to know that a guy with commitment issues will always be a guy with commitment issues.

No rain, storm, tsunami, blizzard, or heat wave, would change a guy and make him want to commit if he doesn’t want to. If he is standing at the girl’s door in the rain, then it is probably because he is waiting for her to return the sweatshirt or book that she borrowed from him. His hair will be dripping in the rain but it won’t be so glamorous. She will be crying but her mascara will be running in a black drizzle down her cheeks, especially right after the screaming match they had at her doorstep. She will end the conversation by wishing he were dead and slamming the door shut in his face, and he will return to his car and drive away muttering ever swear word he can think of with the main subject of his curses being the girl and her family.


Finally, if a couple were sitting by a fireplace in real life, the scene will probably involve a remote control and a big screen TV that takes up 40% of the space. The man will be screaming about a football match, and the woman will be screaming at the man because he is ignoring her and watching the football match. The fire will be blazing yes, but the woman will be alone next to it. The scene will not involve hot chocolate, instead it will involve the woman toasting bread, chestnuts, sweet potatoes, or anything that could be toasted on an open fire. She will be wrapped in a blanket, wearing two pairs of socks, a woolen jumper, a long skirt, and maybe two leggings under it, as well as anything else she can get her hand on. As for the screaming football fan, well he will be wearing tons of clothes too as he screams profanities at a player he is giving detailed instructions to on where and how he should aim the ball. The room will not be lit by the golden glow of the fire, instead it will be illuminated by the white glare of the TV screen and the sound of an enthusiastic commentator will add more spices to the ambiance


So, judging from all this, I don’t think that the rain is that romantic. Movies are desperately trying to make it seem so as a means to quench the thirst of a public deprived of romance.

A8557099770_26dbfa7a88fter all, love is not in the rain, it’s not in the movies that tried to add meaning to the rain. It’s not in the sun, the moon, or the stars. It’s in us, regardless of the weather. Think of it this way, how can anything as cold and muddy as rain be romantic! Perceptions maybe? I’m not sure



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